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BYP Bookclub celebrates inspiring 和 motivating books from black authors or authors of black heritage which we feel help in 的 positive development of our community. This month, we'很高兴分享我们的 BYP Book of 的 Month is Johny Pitts' 非洲人。

'Afropean. Here was a space where blackness was taking part in shaping European identity ... A continent of Algerian flea markets, Surinamese shamanism, German Reggae 和 Moorish castles. Yes, all this was part of Europe too ... With my brown skin 和 my British passport - still a ticket into mainland Europe at 的 time of writing - I set out in search of 的 非洲人s, on a cold October morning.'


在我们的会议之后,我'我一直在考虑代表性和可见性。约翰尼·皮茨(Johny Pitts)' 非洲人 is a wondrous journey into 的 Europe we so rarely see. For five months, 的 TV presenter, photographer, writer 和 founder of 非洲人。com decided to head off on a trip around Europe, discovering 的 lives of black Europeans.  

作为在法国,意大利和西班牙生活了一年的现代语言毕业生,我立即被一个年轻人踏上游牧之旅的故事所吸引,他发现了整个非洲的黑人身份,文化和知名度的更多信息。在我20岁那年,我本人乘飞机飞往图卢兹时兴奋,紧张(有点天真), 预计要享用六个月的面包,布里和波尔多。实际上,我花了六个月的时间来尝试调整 the 文化差异和 在一个国家应对偏见,歧视,性骚扰和微妙(或不太微妙)种族主义的语言障碍 我认识 作为度假者,但不作为学生和公民。 The same was to be said for Italy 和 Spain. Whilst I found 的se countries easier to live in, I still found it to be an experience that was challenging. Despite meeting 伟大的人,并建立同样良好的关系,有深刻而令人兴奋的经历,看到美丽的风景和 事实上,我提高了语言能力 my year abroad to be 形成鲜明的,孤立的,有时令人痛苦的画面。 

作为混血儿, 似乎很难知道您属于哪里,尤其是当您're transplanted to a world which seems close to 的 UK geographically, but a million miles away in other ways. Pitts shines a light on this - discussing identity, race 和 belonging - whilst also showing 的 diverse, complex, connected 和 difficult histories that have shaped 的 Europe we live in today 和 的 relationships that our motherlands had, 和 still do continue to have with Europe.

There are moments I relate to - 的 realisation that some of your childhood heroes (in my case, growing up on a diet on Tintin, Tintin 和 more Tintin), are flawed 和 flagrantly racist, to questioning 的 beauty of museums 和 galleries when you realise 的 way in which 的se colonial countries acquired 的ir 'treasures'. However, 的re are moments which are beautiful - from 的 people Pitts meets along his journey, from deep discussions about race 和 identity with black American tourists to brief salutations with fellow English holidaygoers, to those forging new identities 和 building 的ir own communities in 的ir places of residence. Perhaps, though, 的 most perfect 只是片刻'日常平庸的观察。 From 一个年轻的编织的女孩在咖啡馆里读书é to 塞内加尔人互相开玩笑,用法语作文-从巴黎和布鲁塞尔到斯德哥尔摩和里斯本,匹兹堡'体验描绘了一个生动,充满活力并最终成为真正的黑欧洲。 

粉丝推荐读物o本地人黑色,上市  母亲 Country.


About 的 author: Johny Pitts is a writer, photographer 和 broadcast journalist. He has received various awards for his work exploring African-European identity, including a Decibel Penguin Prize 和 an ENAR (European Network Against Racism) award. He is 的 curator of 的 online journal 非洲人。com, part of 的 Guardian'的非洲网络(Africa Network),并与卡莉·菲利普(Caryl Philips)合作撰写有关伦敦的摄影文章's immigrant communities for 的 BBC 和 Arts Council. Find him on Twitter at 约翰尼皮茨 and at 约翰尼皮茨.com


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